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"Some say it takes 21 days to change a habit. While there doesn't appear to be any proof of this, one thing's for sure -- it only takes a moment of impulse in the 86,400 seconds of a day to derail your progress. Elizabeth Kehir, provides a blueprint to help you make strong strides in kicking compulsions: (look below)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Elizabeth Kehir is a mind architect, whose mission is to build a plan for your mind that works with your body. Clients value her extensive training and experience, which has helped many of them make changes quickly and indefinitely with regard to various issues such as losing weight, reducing anxiety, quitting smoking, improving communication skills, and more. Map out your way to positive change at this Downtown Boston Locale, and let the strides begin." 




Hypnosis will help you slip into your skinny jeans

Is helping woman slip into their skinny jeans, get prepared for their wedding and keeping the relationship weight gain in check. 



Quit Smoking: 90%  




Would you like to join the ranks of happier and healthier? Hypnosis I will help adjust patterns to make smoking a distant memory. Call because you are ready to succeed! More


Hypnotic Language, relationship strategies

Body language is not the only way to get what you want but it sure can help.

Learn techniques that get desired results using both body and mind! 



Insomnia be gone!

Welcome home good sleep!

Learn more how Nutritional Hypnosis will help




Easily handled to allow you to be calmer and more in control



I quit therapy because my analyst was trying to help me behind my back.
—Richard Lewis


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