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Discover how to sleep through the night


"hi elizabeth, i wanted to let you know that my sleep problem is almost good.  You were integral in finding the solution.  most of the problem is what i eat ( as you stressed at the time).

low glycemic foods, lots of protein and no salt.  I have had nervous leg syndrome since i was a kid.  apparently, it is caused by too much salt.  if your legs are twitching, it is hard to sleep.  anyhow, i am alllmost good., thanks to your help.  i have been to sleep experts, who, collectively, knew nothing about salt and only knew about pills.  no pills.   thanks, john"


Is not sleeping stressing you out?  


Ever notice how you tend to eat junk food or high carbs when you did not sleep the night before?  Your body is looking for quick sugar rushes to assist in staying up.  Not sleeping will ultimately gain you weight in the long term.  


Nutritional Hypnosis is a program that helps you learn about your body, food, and allowing your mind permission to sleep.  


Sleep is an automated function in us the same as sneezing and coughing, blinking and breathing.  


When sleeping gets off track it is often the mind that is creating this challenge.  Over thinking, worry, stress, what ifs', etc.  Hypnosis is one of the easiest ways to bring your body back to a natural sleep pattern.  


Why is hypnosis one of the easiest ways?



Hypnosis is this great state that is in between a wakeful state and a sleeping state often called Twilight sleep.  


Twilight sleep you feel as though you could easily fall asleep and yet you are still awake.  It is at this stage that your mind is very open to suggestions of sleep.  Your body becomes very calm and relaxed in hypnosis.  


Clients in Los Angeles have been coming in from years of not being able to sleep a sound night and finally discover it is possible to sleep again.  Nutritional Hypnosis works with your tired mind to wake up and fall asleep easy and effortlessly.  


Define: Hypnosis is a twilight sleep that you are in 100% control of the suggestions that are given to you.  


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