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"Some say it takes 21 days to change a habit. While there doesn't appear to be any proof of this, one thing's for sure -- it only takes a moment of impulse in the 86,400 seconds of a day to derail your progress. Elizabeth Kehir, provides a blueprint to help you make strong strides in kicking compulsions: (look below)
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist Elizabeth Kehir is a mind architect, whose mission is to build a plan for your mind that works with your body. Clients value her extensive training and experience, which has helped many of them make changes quickly and indefinitely with regard to various issues such as losing weight, reducing anxiety, quitting smoking, improving communication skills, and more. Map out your way to positive change at this Downtown Boston Locale, and let the strides begin." 



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  • Ingredients
    Nulla consectetur blandit justo in venenatis. Ut ut felis justo. Praesent cursus, diam eu pharetra viverra, lectus erat lobortis odio, a cursus neque lectus a arcu. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Sed lorem diam, semper ut iaculis eu, scelerisque sed neque. Suspendisse a turpis nibh. Morbi consectetur hendrerit eros, et vestibulum nibh adipiscing et. Curabitur non tincidunt sapien. Sed accumsan, augue eget dapibus venenatis, sem magna ultricies augue, at tincidunt erat urna et justo. Quisque semper diam ac nulla ultrices eu fermentum enim placerat. Ut feugiat vehicula massa, eget commodo quam adipiscing congue.
  • Nutrition Facts

    Serving Size: 4 squares (43g)

    Nutrition Facts
    Serving Size: 4 squares (43g)

    Calories 220 Calories from Fat 120

    % Daily Value *
    Total Fat 13g 20%
        Saturated Fat  8g 40%
    Cholesterol 10mg 3%
    Sodium 30mg 1%
    Total Carbohydrate 25g 8%
        Dietary Fiber  0g 0%
        Sugars  24g
    Protein 3g 6%

    Vitamin A 2%
    Vitamin C 2%
    Calcium 8%
    Iron 4%
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